Dr. Charles Stryker - Cannondale Investments
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Dr. Charles Stryker

Strategic Advisor

Dr. Charles Stryker, ("Charlie"), is a strategic advisor and member of the Board of Directors of Cannondale Investments.

Charlie is currently President of Venture Development Center, Inc. an advisory firm he founded in 1992, specializing in the development of new products for information services companies. Charlie has extensive domain expertise and strong relationships in the information services industry. He has advised many leading firms in the field including; Acxiom, Affinion, Catalina Marketing, Harte-Hanks, IAC, LexisNexis, Nielsen, Time-Warner, Yahoo, and many other leading firms. In addition, he is an active advisor to many early stage companies in the market. Some of his recent engagements include BlueKai, Jigsaw, MyLife.com and Quova, Dr. Stryker has advised more that 150 firms, has served as a director of six public companies and has served on more than 25 venture backed private company boards in the information services industry.

Charlie holds a B.S. and M.S. in Electrical Engineering, and a Ph.D. specializing in Computer Sciences from New York University.